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Governing Body Fellow

Riikka Hofmann is Professor of the Learning Sciences at the Faculty of Education where she leads the Research Strand “Dialogue, Professional Change and Leadership” in the Faculty’s Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research Group (CEDiR) and Education Lead in Cambridge University Medical Education Group (CUMEG). Her research focuses on professional development and change in educational and medical settings as well as clinical and educational leadership, studied from the perspective of sociocultural psychology and cultural-historical activity theory.

Riikka works closely with schools in the region as well as the NHS and collaborates with a number of Universities internationally. She holds a range of advisory positions: she is an expert member of a Cabinet Office-led cross-Whitehall advisory panel and the Government’s new Leadership Research, Evidence and Impact Advisory Panel, advising a range of Government departments of policy evaluations and leadership development. She is Masters Programme leader at the Faculty of Education and was recently awarded the Title of Docent at the University of Helsinki.