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Visiting Fellow

Tomoko has been a faculty member at Osaka Kyoiku University since 2018, specialising in Curriculum Management for any educator and many board of education officers within the Graduate School of Teacher Education. Her commitment to the enhancement of educational standards is evidenced through her involvement in a number of subcommittees under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology’s Central Council for Education in Japan. And She is also a project leader of the National Institute for School Teachers and Staff Development in Japan research project on in-school training of in-service teachers.

With a career spanning over two decades dedicated to the research, design, administration, and instruction of in-service teacher training programs at both national and local government levels, Tomoko has played an important role in the advancement of educational practices. Her endeavors extend to the support of curriculum development across primary, secondary, and high schools.

Tomoko earned her doctoral degree from Kyushu University in Japan in curriculum development and management for primary and secondary education. Her scholarly contributions have had a profound impact on the courses of study and national curriculum standard in Japan.

Her current research interests include enhancing teacher agency, student agency and co-agency within curriculum management and exploring innovative approaches in lesson studies. Tomoko has contributed to several international symposia, notably the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS), reflecting her commitment to fostering global educational dialogues. Through her pioneering research on student agency, she aspires to find commonalities in each region’s unique philosophy of pedagogies contributing to the global discourse on education.