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Nyarie is a NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. After completing his MBChB degree in Zimbabwe, he was awarded the British Chevening Scholarship to undertake the MSc in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine at LSTM (Liverpool), where he was awarded the Glen Williams Prize for the best student. Driven by his passion and vast experience in managing HIV patients, he was awarded the 2011 Evelyn Trust Research Fellowship and built on that to be awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellowship. He attained his PhD from the University of Cambridge. During his PhD he elucidated essential domains of DEAD box helicases, DDX5 and DDX17 critical for their roles in HIV replication.

In collaboration with researchers in the Department of Chemistry, they aim to screen a library of small molecule inhibitors in the quest to come up with novel HIV therapeutics that circumvent the issue of viral escape mutations. He is passionate about building bridges with academic clinicians in low resource settings and is actively involved in setting up collaborations with researchers in Africa and Mexico.

He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians (London) and previously served as a question bank contributor for their Medical Masterclass website.