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Vice President, Governing Body Fellow

Nidhi Singal is Professor of Disability and Inclusive Education at the Faculty of Education. She has worked extensively with children and young people with disabilities in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her research examines the educational experiences of children with disabilities, the quality of teaching and learning in mainstream classrooms, and the impact of schooling.

An important dimension of Nidhi’s expertise is the development of culturally-sensitive methodological and theoretical approaches in educational research. Her work addresses unequal power relations in North-South research partnerships, and advocates a greater focus on the ethics of research dissemination.

She is currently President of the British Association for International and Comparative Education. In 2022, Nidhi was elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences for her outstanding contributions to educational research.

Nidhi works closely with international donor and bilateral agencies and international non-governmental organisations assisting them in developing research projects, undertaking programme evaluations and providing evidence-based policy advice on a wide range of issues aimed at fulfilling commitments towards inclusive education. Among other current engagements, she is a member of the Technical Advisory Council of the World Bank’s Inclusive Education Initiative. Previously, she has worked with the International Commission on Financing Global Education, as the Disability Expert on The Education Workforce Initiative. She was part of the Technical Advisory Review Team for the Global Education Monitoring Report on Inclusive Education and was commissioned to write a background paper.

In 2014, she was appointed a Trustee of the Cambridge Trust, the biggest student grant making body in Cambridge. She is also a Trustee of UKFIET.

Before coming to Cambridge, Nidhi trained as a clinical psychologist (University of Delhi) and worked with children and young adults in a range of clinical and educational settings in India.

More details of her work and publications can be found at: https://www.educ.cam.ac.uk/people/staff/singal.