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Research By-Fellow

Dr Markus Höpfler is a postdoctoral scientist at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Before moving to Cambridge, he studied molecular biology at the University of Vienna, Austria, and did his PhD research on cellular protein degradation systems at the Max Planck Institute in Martinsried, Germany. Markus is dedicated to understanding the molecular mechanisms used by cells to balance their resources and adapt to changing conditions. In particular, his work focuses on feedback mechanisms that act during protein production to maintain the correct ratio of different proteins within the cell.

To gain novel insights, he uses a combination of reconstituted test tube reactions with purified proteins and cellular model systems. A better understanding of these basic mechanisms is highly relevant for numerous diseases, such as cancer and inflammatory conditions. His postdoctoral research is supported by fellowships from EMBO and the Marie Curie programme. Besides his research, Markus is interested in science policy and how science can help governments to make evidence-based decisions for public benefit.

You can read more about Markus and his research on his ‘Postdoc Spotlight’ page: www.hughes.cam.ac.uk/about/news/postdoc-spotlight-dr-markus-hopfler.