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Life Fellow, Tutor

Jean Lambert’s main research interests are in sixteenth and seventeenth-century written sources and their engagement with a range of discourses, among them pedagogy, court politics and devotional practice in the early modern household. For her work on the Jonsonian masque, she received the Ben Jonson Discoveries Award. Currently, her major project focuses on religion and culture in early seventeenth-century England. She is also interested in the early history of the college, from c.1883 – c.1973, and deals with queries from researchers seeking information about alumnae.

Publications include:

‘Expounding the Owl: Ben Jonson’s Masque of Owls’, The Ben Jonson Journal, 15, 1 (May 2008): 19-53.
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‘Teaching the Teacher: ripe wit and female allure in Pericles’, in Shakespeare, Education and Pedagogy: Representation, Interactions and Adaptations, ed. by Pamela Blickley and Jenny Stevens (Routledge [forthcoming]).