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Governing Body Fellow

Perla Pucci is a postdoctoral research associate in molecular oncology and a Research Fellow at the Department of Pathology. Her work is focussed on the study of the molecular mechanisms that drive resistance to cancer treatments, using high-throughput approaches such as genome-wide CRISPR/CAS9 and drug screens and aims to discover novel personalized combination treatments to improve patients` quality of life and survival. Perla has shown the role of long noncoding RNAs and micro RNAs in the regulation of cancer resistance to therapy, in incurable subtypes of prostate cancer and high-risk neuroblastoma.

During her PhD she won two distinguishing awards and her work has been selected for presentation at international events such the European Society of Molecular Oncology Congress and the American Association for Cancer Research Meeting. Perla is a member of the Editorial Board of Future Medicine for the journal Epigenomics.