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Research By-Fellow

Marta has a strong scientific background, having graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Molecular Biology at the University of Milan, Italy. During her Master degree, she spent one year at the University College of London, working on viral-vector development for drug-delivery. In 2018, she completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge on targeted therapies and soon after, she started a research associate position in collaboration between Cambridge University and the Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala.
During her time working between Kampala and Cambridge, she was leading a team on endemic Burkitt Lymphoma (eBL). Currently, she is developing a biomarker detection assay to facilitate early eBL diagnosis associated with EBV and malaria infection in LMIC.
Alongside her scientific career, she has founded an NGO in Uganda, called Fund A Future, that promotes education and healthcare for disadvantaged children. She has recently published a book on HPV vaccine awareness which is currently distributed in school and health centre across Uganda.