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Research By-Fellow

Dr Jincan Zhang is currently a Research Associate at Cambridge Graphene Centre, Department of Engineering. She holds degrees in Materials Physics Chemistry (B.Eng, Shandong University), and Physics Chemistry (PhD, Peking University). Before moving to Cambridge, she was a project leader at Beijing Graphene Institute. Her research vision is on tackling the challenges towards practical applications of 2D materials and investigating their structure-performance relationships.

For her previous research, she put forwards with several strategies to achieve the controllable synthesis of high-quality graphene and other 2D materials, especially on eliminating the intrinsic contamination on graphene surface that is formed during the high-temperature growth process. On this basis, she has measured the superior electrical, optical, thermal, and mechanical properties of clean graphene, and observed its pristine wettability. In addition, she also worked on the scalable production of high-quality graphene films. Meanwhile, she exploited 2D materials for high-resolution transmission electron microscopy imaging, Cryo-EM imaging, cell culture, photodetection, and anti-corrosion. As part of her postdoctoral research, she aims to develop new methods to grow, transfer, and functionalize graphene towards practical device applications, especially in energy and electronic fields.”