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Research By-Fellow

Dr ChuanChuan Lü is a marine geophysicist who works as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Earth Sciences. He is interested in the tectonic subduction structure in Southeast Asia where he uses ocean-bottom seismometers to listen to the sound of the Earth to better understand the evolution of our planet. Chuan did his PhD training at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where he gained many skills in dealing with marine seismic data. He is now developing a seismic survey method with interferometry technique to imagine the geological structure. It uses ocean noise and the earthquake coda wave to generate images of the subsurface, which is much environment-friendlier to marine life. He is also working with industry collaborators on developing new ideas for seismic imaging method. Chuan enjoys playing racket sports (tennis, squash) and is also a big fan of NBA and NFL games.