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Research Associate

Dr Justin is a post-doctoral research associate at the Department of Engineering, working in the field of tissue engineering, which seeks to generate new biological tissues and organs for transplant. Alex holds degrees in Physics (MSci, Imperial College London, 2011), Nanotechnology Enterprise (MPhil, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, 2012) and Bioengineering (PhD, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, 2017). His PhD investigated approaches for vascular network formation, considered a key problem for the fabrication of large-scale organs and tissues in the lab, through the development of 3D printing and cell-based techniques.

For his PhD work, Alex was awarded an EPSRC doctoral prize. As part of his postdoctoral research, Alex developed a new technique for the formation of collagen-based tubular scaffolds which, through collaboration with the Department of Surgery and the Stem Cell Institute, were transplanted into mice as a replacement for the bile duct. Together, the team were awarded a Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Award between Engineering and Medicine. Alex has since patented a method for producing human-sized tubes in a range of different tissue types and currently is seeking to commercialise his research. He collaborates extensively throughout the university on projects including stem cell organoid research, brain cancer and repair, and improved hip replacement biomaterials.