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Research By-Fellow

Dr. Ahmed Izzidien works on social artificial intelligence. He has a background in legal philosophy, social neuroscience and computational measurement technology. He uses these fields to build artificial intelligence algorithms that inherently lend themselves to solving social challenges such as the allocation of legal rights and social responsibilities, the making of legal-fairness evaluations and predicting outcome from legal-policy texts. Dr Izzidien completed a bachelors in computation at King’s College London. His MSc (UMIST) and PhD (Cardiff) were in medical technology. For his MA and MPhil (University of Cambridge) he researched law and its cognition.

While at Cambridge he undertook a clinical neurosciences study on the perception of fairness. Currently, he is an awardee of the Isaac Newton Trust. Prior to joining Hughes Hall, he was based at the Social Cognition Lab at Harvard University, the Social Decision-Making Lab at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Forum for Legal & Political Philosophy, at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge. He is published in both artificial intelligence and the neurosciences. He enjoys writing science fiction and playing chess.