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Hong Kong University Visiting Fellow

Professor in Strategic Management at HKU Business School, The University of Hong Kong.

Professor Lumineau’s research investigates trust dynamics, governance mechanisms, opportunism, and collaboration. He has conducted extensive studies on the nature and development of trust between organizations, shedding light on the factors that influence its formation and maintenance. Additionally, he has re-evaluated the interplay between control mechanisms and trust dynamics, providing a fresh perspective on how organizations can effectively balance control and trust in their relationships. His research also delves into the decision-making processes surrounding litigation and intellectual property infringement, examining the factors that drive firms to either litigate or resolve disputes. Lastly, he has examined the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on organizational trust, uncovering shifts in its nature, production processes, and targets. Through his research, he aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the complexities and dynamics of interorganizational relationships, providing valuable insights for practitioners and scholars alike.

While based at Hughes Hall Professor Lumineau will be working with colleagues at the Judge Business School to further investigate interorganizational collaboration.