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Celebrating LGBT+ History Month at Hughes

Hughes Hall celebrates LGBT+ History Month annually in February to help promote equality and diversity by increasing the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary and queer people as well as their history, lives and experiences.

Alongside other colleges and institutions across Cambridge, and in partnership with the MCR Committee, we are flying the inclusive Progress Pride flag and supporting events and initiatives throughout February. UK LGBT+ History Month 2023’s theme is ‘Behind the Lens’ in recognition of LGBT+ peoples’ contribution to cinema and film. You can find out more about the initiative here and read more about LGBTQ+ at Cambridge, and at Hughes, on our website.

If you’d like to get involved, details of the range of activities going on across the University during February are collated here and specific Hughes Hall events will be included on our events page and shared on social media and other communications channels. Everyone in our community is welcome to get involved.

Look out for our upcoming LGBT+ Formal Hall and a number of events led by our MCR Equality and LGBT+ Officer, Ariel.

Hughes Hall celebrates LGBT+ History Month annually in February to help promote equality and diversity and offers a range of support and welfare initiatives to our LGBTQ+ community

What’s On

  • 12 Feb: Movie night – Disclosure
  • 21 Feb: LGBTQ+ Formal Hall
  • 26 Feb: Movie night – Moonlight


  • LGBTQ+ Library display and book selection
  • Hughes MCR LGBTQ+ student society & Facebook group
  • MCR LGBTQ+ Equality Officer
  • College LGBTQ+ Champion Senior Member
  • Flying the Progress Pride flag during February

Support at Hughes

The Hughes Hall MCR Committee has an LGBTQ+ student society which is coordinated through a Facebook group. Please get in touch with Ariel (mcr.equality.lgbt@hughes.cam.ac.uk) if you’d like to join or to find out more.

Ariel, on behalf of the MCR Committee, also helps to organise social opportunities and support during the year and runs a Gender Expression Support Fund to assist transgender and gender non-conforming students with the cost of items that make them feel more comfortable in their gender expression.

Hughes Hall has recently appointed an LGBTQ+ Champion from its Senior Membership – Dr Arthur Hibble fulfils this role and can be contacted via agh32@hughes.cam.ac.uk if students have specific difficulties to discuss or have ideas for tailored support.

Dr Arthur Hibble is a By-Fellow and Tutor, and was a family doctor for 28 years. Closely involved in the delivery, development and evaluation of clinical postgraduate education at local, national and international levels, since his retirement as Postgraduate Dean for the East of England, Arthur remains an active proponent of an integrated primary care education that reflects good family medicine.

Current students are also encouraged to speak to their Tutor if they have any concerns and are always welcome to get in touch with our Senior Tutor, Dr Tori McKee: senior.tutor@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

LGBT+ History Month Links and Resources

See below a list of resources and activities across the collegiate University.