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Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 3MT competition

On Monday, 27th February, Hughes Hall held its eighth 3-minute thesis competition in the Pavilion Room with students from across our community competing to showcase their research, and inspire their audience and judges, as ‘efficiently’ as possible.

Topics were as wide-ranging as ever: Balancing climate change technology development obligations with IP and trade objectives: an evaluation of the systemic integration of the Paris Agreement into TRIPS; Next-generation solid state cooling for zero-global-warming potential; Put Staff First! (explaining the importance of happy staff in an educational setting); The Chrysanthemum Growers: Exploring The ‘Inner Landscape’ of the Soka Educator; Development of Biomedical Visual Intervention to Address Communication Barriers in Human Papillomaviruses and Associated Diseases and; When cognitive development meets ecological observational instrument: A match made in Nigeria.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • MPhil/1st Year PhD Winner: Riya Kartha (NOTAF, Education)
  • PhD 2nd/3rd Year Winner: David Baker (PhD, Education)
  • People’s Choice: Rémi Saidane (LLM)

3 MT entrants including the three 2023 winners, from left: Chika Ezeugwu, Caroline Walker, Jiaqi Zhang, David Baker, Riya Kartha, Rémi Saidane.

This annual competition is open to students at all stages in their academic career and offers a fantastic opportunity to convey the relevance and importance of their research to a non-specialised audience in three minutes or under, using just one slide.

Hosted by Hughes Hall Fellows Dr Mish Ebrahim (Postdoc) and Dr Carole Sargent (Academic Convenor), there was also support from a range of senior members for both the practice session and the final judging. The audience also had a chance to vote for their ‘people’s choice’.

Dr Carole Sargent said: “Competition was fierce this year, with a high standard of entries, diverse subjects and enthusiastic entrants and judges. A successful event was capped with a pizza supper provided by our catering staff. A big thank you to all the competitors, judges, organisers, and everyone who supported a fun and informative evening.”