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PhD Student In Coronavirus Testing Role

Iain Bower, recently graduated Hughes Hall PhD candidate, is the latest Hughesian to be working in fight against Coronavirus, having been working at the Alderley Park Lighthouse Lab COVID-19 Testing Centre.

Iain is currently assisting with the┬áRT-qPCR testing, the primary test that checks whether people currently have Coronavirus. A key part of the testing process, his role is attempting to attempting to extract the genetic material of the virus, it’s RNA, from samples.

There are scientists from various backgrounds involved at every stage of the testing process at Alderley Park with thousands of samples being processed in the lab daily, all as part of the national effort to tackle the current pandemic. 

Another fine example of the expertise of the Hughes Hall community being utilised in the current crisis. Thank you and congratulations go out to Iain for his fantastic work and for the completion of his PhD.