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New Director for College think-tank partner

The PHG Foundation is a long-term partner of Hughes Hall, with the two institutions sharing research interests, policy goals, expertise and expert people.

The Foundation is a health policy think-tank that brings together expertise in science, medicine, law, ethics and regulation to address policy challenges and accelerate the uptake of useful knowledge and innovations for health.

Confirmation of Peter Mills as its next Director was made as the Foundation celebrated its 25th Anniversary last week (20th April), an event attended by our President, Sir Laurie Bristow, as well as our former President, Dr Anthony Freeling and Life Fellow, Dr Ron Zimmern.

Peter is currently an Associate Director at the UK’s Nuffield Council on Bioethics, where he has recently directed the Council’s work programme on genome editing. He brings extensive knowledge and experience in science, ethics and public policy to the PHG Foundation with its mission of making science work for health. He has worked on scientific development and bioethics at the Department of Health, where he led the Human Genetics Commission staff, and on assisted reproduction and embryo research policy for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.

Dr Ron Zimmern, Chair of the PHG Foundation and Hughes Hall Life Fellow, said: “The Board of Trustees at the PHG Foundation is extremely pleased that Pete, whose experience and expertise are so well aligned with our mission and interests, has agreed to take on this role. He will succeed the current Director Dr Mark Kroese, who has led the PHG Foundation since 2017.”

From left: Prof Patrick Maxwell – Regius Professor of Physic; Dr Ron Zimmern – Chairman, PHG Foundation; Dr Anthony Freeling – Acting Vice Chancellor; Dr Pete Mills – Director Designate; Prof Liba Taub – Professor of History and Philosophy of Science; Mr Andrew Hutton – PHG Foundation trustee.

Dr Pete Mills, Director Designate of the PHG Foundation, said: “I have long admired the work of the Foundation and its unwavering commitment to making science work for health. This is a mission that has only gained in importance over the last 25 years, which have witnessed extraordinary achievements in the science of genomics and related technologies. “

Further information

For the full story: www.phgfoundation.org/news/new-director-announced.

The PHG Foundation is a non-profit think tank and a linked exempt charity of the University of Cambridge. They were originally founded as the Public Health Genomics Unit in 1997, becoming the charitable PHG Foundation ten years later. Their mission has always been making science work for health, with a focus on policy to support the application of genomics and related fields for more effective and personalised healthcare.

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