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Climate Governance Initiative launches professional education curriculum

 Hughes Hall’s Climate Governance Initiative has developed a curriculum to help its global network of Chapters deliver climate governance courses for board directors.

Courses are approved through a robust review process to ensure relevance and fit for application, helping directors guide their businesses accelerate their transitions to net zero.

Chapter Zero Canada has become the first of the Initiative’s members – or Chapters – to have its course for board directors approved. Developed by experts in the Initiative’s network, the curriculum supports its Chapters to produce consistent training for directors to address risks and opportunities related to climate change and develop effective corporate strategies for climate action. Courses approved against the curriculum are regularly reviewed, ensuring directors receive training that is aligned with new developments in climate science, regulation and effective climate governance practices. More information on the curriculum, including the topics covered and the review process, can be found here.

About the Climate Governance Initiative

Hughes Hall’s Climate Governance Initiative mobilises boards of directors around the world to address climate change in their businesses. We do this by developing and supporting national associations – Chapters – that equip their members with the skills and knowledge needed to make climate a boardroom priority, building on the World Economic Forum’s Principles for Effective Climate GovernanceMore information on joining regional Chapters can be found here.

What does the course provide

  • An understanding of the science that underpins climate change projections and implications on people, the planet and the economy.
  • Information that will equip you to ask critical questions in the boardroom to direct and oversee long-term corporate strategy.
  • The ability to prepare your business to manage climate risks (including the growing risk of climate litigation), set appropriate targets and maximise strategic opportunities.
  • Skills to navigate the relevant policy and regulatory landscape for addressing climate change, including director duties
  • Future-fit climate leadership skills for the boardroom and beyond.

Emily Farnworth, Director, Centre for Climate Engagement, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge and Head of the Secretariat for the Climate Governance Initiative, says: “Credible and director-targeted climate governance knowledge is essential for driving effective long-term strategy in the boardroom.”

“Chapter Zero Canada has developed a course that highlights its commitment to building the capacity of Canada-based directors on climate-related topics. We are delighted to confirm its alignment with the Climate Governance Initiative’s curriculum.”

“This recognition is a testament to the Institute of Corporate Directors’ commitment to addressing the pressing issue of climate change and the efforts to equip directors and boards with the knowledge and tools they need to drive positive change as well as good corporate performance,” says Rahul Bhardwaj, President and CEO of the Institute of Corporate Directors. “We believe this course delivers a high standard in climate governance education, and we’re pleased to be shaping the future of climate governance alongside the Climate Governance Initiative.”

The next cohort of Chapter Zero Canada’s course, Board Oversight of Climate Changelaunches on May 2, 2023.

About the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD)

Established in 1981, the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) is a not-for-profit, member-based organization representing Canadian directors and boards across the for-profit, not-for-profit and Crown sectors.

As Canada’s largest director community, the ICD creates forums for dialogue, hosts networking opportunities and provides access to world-class resources for more than 16,500 members across a network of 11 Chapters. Members who successfully complete the ICD-Rotman Director Education Program (DEP) and ICD-led examination process earn the highly recognized ICD.D designation.

ICD members provide board oversight across all sectors of the economy and institutions that impact the lives of virtually every Canadian. Learn more at icd.ca.

Media contacts

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