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Climate engagement on the agenda

The Centre for Climate Engagement at Hughes Hall plays a unique role in bringing leading academic research to a targeted audience of chairs and non-executives, to accelerate climate leadership on boards in the private and public sectors.

Part of the Hughes Hall research translation and impact initiative, The Bridge, the Centre regularly participates in events to communicate its work and the need for climate-related action on boards.

Centre Co-Director Emily Farnworth has participated recently in a podcast hosted by the Global Association of Risk Professionals that explored the role of companies and their boards in the race to reach net zero. She has also taken part in a webinar, together with Lord Turner, Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission, hosted by Chapter Zero, UK, on the role of the board, energy transition and the harder-to-abate sectors. Details follow below.

Emily will be taking part in two further events on 29 June: as moderator for Aligning pension funds with corporate climate ambitions’ with Chapter Zero, and at the ‘Future Energy Solutions for Business’, hosted by Reset Connect, a collaborative sustainability initiative. All welcome – see registration details below.

The Race to Net Zero podcast – hosted by the Global Association of Risk Professionals

The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) supports the advancement of the risk profession through education, research and the promotion of best practices globally. As awareness of the effects of climate change on business and finance is gaining momentum, there is growing pressure on countries and individual organisations to set out bold climate goals.

GARP has been running a Climate Risk Podcast series to explore the role that boards have in shaping firms’ climate strategies and developing approaches to managing the risks and opportunities from climate change.

In its most recent instalment, Emily Farnworth spoke with Jo Paisley, Co-President GARP Risk Institute, to explore what good board engagement looks like, and what a commitment to reach net zero really means. Listen to the podcast here.

The role of the board, energy transition and the harder-to-abate sectors – hosted by Chapter Zero

Chapter Zero, the UK Director’s Climate Forum, is part of the Centre for Climate Engagement, and works to build a community of non-executive directors and equip them to lead crucial UK boardroom discussions on the impacts of climate change.

This webinar explored the role of non-executive directors in driving the low-carbon transition, with particular focus on sectors where emissions are difficult to reduce but contribute vast amounts.

Lord Adair Turner also participated in this event. Lord Turner chairs the Energy Transitions Commission, a global coalition of leaders across the energy landscape committed to achieving net-zero by 2050. He and Emily Farnworth discussed what boards must prioritise to accelerate the low-carbon transition and covered the significance offsetting to the importance of regulating methane emissions.

The recording for this event is available here.

Aligning pension funds with corporate climate ambitions – hosted by Chapter Zero

The UK Pension Schemes Act 2021 will lead to the introduction of new legislation on climate governance and reporting requirements for occupational pension schemes. This event, moderated by Emily Farnworth, will explore the alignment of pension funds with corporate climate ambitions and is aimed at non-executive directors and pension trustees.

This event takes place 29th June 8:30 – 9:30 am. Register here.

Recently, Knowledge Brokers at the Centre for Climate Engagement produced a Briefing Note to summarise UK Pension Scheme Act 2021 legislation.

Future Energy Solutions for Business – hosted by Reset Connect

Part of London Climate Action Week, this event will explore how businesses of all sizes can use clean and renewable energy with other specialists across the energy sector. Emily Farnworth will speak in her capacity as Chair of the Advisory Group for RE100, a global corporate renewable energy initiative committed to 100% renewable electricity.   

This event takes place 29th June 14.00 – 15.00. Register here.

London Climate Action Week is 26th June – 4th July 2021