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Following reports in the media about the London Bridge attack on Friday, the President, Anthony Freeling, has contacted the college membership to report the devastating news that Jack Merritt, a Hughes alumnus and current member of University staff, was one of those killed. The whole student body at Hughes Hall, Fellows, Senior Members and staff alike, have been left shocked and devastated by the senseless killing of a wonderful, caring and brilliant alumnus who has been taken from his friends, family and community. All of our thoughts go to them at this difficult time.

Jack was the Course Coordinator of the Learning Together programme, taking part in an event to mark five years of the programme, hosted by the Institute of Criminology. He joined the programme having studied the MPhil in Criminology at Hughes Hall in 2016/17. Those who knew him speak of an inspiring person of generous spirit, and a keen sportsman who participated fully in College life.

One former Fellow who didn’t know him has written to me to observe that “the only positive I can draw at this time is that Jack was at the forefront of a highly worthwhile real-world engagement of the utmost importance … a true exemplar of all that the College is seeking from its members. Little consolation right now, but a mighty role model.”

An Honorary Fellow wrote “Even those who did not know Jack Merritt will feel moved by the fact that he used the same library, joked with friends in the same dining hall and common rooms. If Hughes Hall were to be identified by keywords, they would surely include Education, Healing, Law and Society. Jack Merritt’s studies impelled him along a road signposted by all four. He obviously had so much to contribute.”