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Introducing the new MCR Committee

It is our great pleasure to welcome the Hughes Hall 2022-23 MCR Committee

The Committee supports our student body, from welfare, inclusion and social events to environmental issues and academic affairs, with an Officer for each of 17 roles. They support students alongside College welfare structures, to help our student body get the most out of their time at Hughes.

MCR Committee 2022-23 – from left to right and top to bottom: Nirmani Rathnayake, Jia Ming Lee, Kali Gladdish, Ijeoma Ogbuju, Frank Denyer, Olivia O’Dea, Michael Tang, Ariel, Janina Forsyth, Lorelei Booth, Christopher Ong, Kudzai Chivenga, Stevie Vass, Seb Topan, Veronica Hera.

The new Committee is led by President, Kudzai Chivenga, a first-year undergraduate studying Land Economy, who succeeds Jordan Corbett, President of the 2021-22 Committee. Details and contact information for the new members can be found on the MCR website: https://mcr.hughes.cam.ac.uk/mcr-committee/.

Former President, Jordan Corbett and new President, Kudzai Chivenga.

Kudzai spoke about the role: “I am responsible for adhering to the MCR Constitution and making it accessible to any member upon request. I also chair the MCR Committee and general meetings and ensure that the MCR is represented on College committees in accordance with College ordinances. I may be found in the clubroom with a bottle of wine, writing last-minute essays!”

Committee Members 2022-23

Vice President Internal, Stevie Vass: “I’m a first-year land economy student from Essex. I can mostly be found in the college bar or playing sport. If you see me around please do come and chat!”

MCR Vice President External, Ijeoma Ogbuju: “Hiya, I’m Ijeoma, a 1st year Law student at Hughes Hall. As your Vice President external, I represent the Hughes Hall MCR at the Cambridge Students Union (Cambridge SU) Council, as well as other committees and meetings external to college. I am very excited to start my role and be a friendly face that you can talk to. You can either find me tearing my hair out regarding my degree or taking part in lots of sports (mainly rowing and mixed netball).”

New MCR President, Kudzai Chivenga with Vice Presidents, Ijeoma Ogbuju and Stevie Vass.

MCR Sports and Societies Officer, Seb Topan: “Hey I’m Seb, I’m a second year reading HSPS, and I’m your MCR Sports and Societies Officer. If you have any ideas for new or existing societies, do let me know! I’m always around college or simply drop me a message.”

Academic Affairs Officer, Veronica Hera: “Hi! I’m a PhD student reading Politics and International Studies.  I am responsible for liaising with the Tutorial office on planning academic-centred events, putting together the mentorship programme for incoming students, as well as sitting on the Bridge Committee. For the next year, I am keen on organising a wide range of events focused on connecting Research Fellows with current students. When I’m not working on my dissertation on trust in government or hanging out in the MCR, I love playing tennis or attending events at the Cambridge Union. If you have any ideas or feedback regarding academic events, please feel free to reach out!”

MCR Ethical and Environmental Officer, Nina Forsyth: “I’m a first year PBS undergrad from Swindon. As the Ethical and Environmental Officer, my focus is working with college and students to formulate and enact ethical and environmentally conscious policies. I am also responsible for charity initiatives, so feel free to reach out if you have any charities you want to support! I spend my days learning about why our brains are messed up in hopes of becoming more functional. Truly elusive, I cannot be found unless lured out by the promise of free food.”

MCR Equality and BAME Officer, Nirmani Rathnayake: “Hi! I’m Nirmani. I’m an Engineering PhD student and your MCR Equality and BAME Officer. When I’m not surrounded by electronics at my lab you can find me hanging out in the MCR bar. Please feel free to come up and chat!”

MCR Female and Non-binary Welfare Officer, Olivia O’Dea: “Hey! I’m Olivia, a first-year undergraduate Philosophy student. You’ll most likely hear me before you see me around college – I’m easy to find and always very happy to be stopped for a chat.”

MCR Male and Non-binary Welfare Officer, Frank Denyer: “Hey! I’m a first year Geography undergraduate student. If you have any welfare concerns or questions feel free to contact me, I can normally be found in the Pfeiffer room or the MCR bar.”

MCR Equality and LGBT+ Officer, Ariel: “Hi, I’m Ariel, first year English student continuing in my role as LGBT+ Officer. As one of the Equality officers, I am responsible for promoting diversity and inclusion in college. My, responsibilities are for the LGBT+ community at Hughes Hall, and I manage events and the Gender Expression Fund. I am hoping to create a vibrant and engaged LGBT+ scene here at Hughes so do join in and feel free to raise any concerns with me! I’m probably rushing through readings in the clubroom.”

MCR Communications Officer, Kali Gladdish: “Hey, I’m Kali! I’m a second year HSPS undergraduate. As the Communications Officer my role is to enhance the forms of communication for students and work with the college to have consistency and efficiency in the sharing of news, events and any other relevant information for Hughes students. I run the Instagram (@hugheshallmcr), so if you ever have anything you want me to share, just send me a message!”

MCR House Officer, Jia Ming Lee: “Hi everyone! I’m Jia Ming, a second year undergraduate in engineering and your new House Officer for the year. I look after all matters concerning accommodation and catering in college. I also sit on the college House Committee, to represent the interests of students in these areas. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to drop me an email or message anytime!”

MCR IT and Infrastructure Officer, Michael Tang: “Hi, I’m Michael, a third-year PhD in Computer Science and your MCR IT and Infrastructure Officer. I look after the MCR website and keep the information up to date. I manage bookings for the common rooms for student events and help provide infrastructure support and equipment for events if needed. I am aiming to bring back the Hughes Hall Punt Club membership, which is suspended due to the pandemic. I also sit on the college House Committee and help raise concerns about IT provision from students. I am around college and happy help or have a chat.

MCR Social Officer, Lorelei Booth: “Hi I’m Lorelei and I’m a first year HSPS undergrad! Very excited to be one of your social secs along with Dara. Please feel free to message me or stop for a chat whenever!”

MCR Social Officer, Dara Odunubi: “My name is Dara and I’m a NatSci Phys undergrade. I’m stoked to be one of your social secs this year along with Lorelei. Please feel free to come up and chat whenever!”

Thank you

Of course, we must acknowledge the efforts of the outgoing MCR Committee 2021-22, led by Jordan Corbett. Thank you to you all for your work supporting our students during a difficult year.

Outgoing MCR Committee 2021-22, led by President, Jordan Corbett, top row, 4th from left.

The most recent MCR Constitution document, along with annual reports, information on committee roles, and minutes can be found here: https://mcr.hughes.cam.ac.uk/bureaucracy/.