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Introducing new members of the Centre for Climate Change Engagement team

The Hughes Hall Centre for Climate Change Engagement (CCCE) is growing. Four new members have recently joined the existing team of Julie Baddeley, CCCE Director; Emily Farnworth, CCCE Deputy Director; Sylvie Baird, Coordinator CGI; and Becky Lawrence, Operations and Engagement Manager. Dr Ron Zimmern is Chair of the CCCE Management Committee.

We spoke to the new members about their exciting new roles:

Emily Webster – Post-Doctoral Associate
“My research focuses on the role of and challenges faced by non-executive directors in the corporate response to climate change and the reform of the law to strengthen the mandatory obligations that both directors and investors face to address the climate impacts of their activities. I hope to identify the challenges and barriers faced by non-executive directors in order to pinpoint the legal interventions and reforms that could improve corporate environmental impacts. I am particularly excited about becoming involved in the Centre’s policy work and the opportunity to make an impact beyond academia.”

Nick Scott – Knowledge Broker
“I translate and communicate University research and determine how important climate issues might affect a corporate audience, particularly non-executive directors. In addition to working with CCCE, I also work with the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) and the Cambridge Zero Policy Forum. I have been able to explore many interesting topics so far, including greenhouse gas removal, carbon offsetting, and nature-based solutions to climate change.”

Harriet Harthan – Senior Knowledge Broker
“I am working with Nick to collaborate across the University, understand key areas of research on climate change and how these research outputs can be translated for, and presented to, our target audience of non-executive directors, policymakers and others.  Nick and I are working closely with CSaP, Cambridge Zero, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and other research experts in the University, aiming to develop content for the CCCE and Chapter Zero UK. I am delighted to join a growing team at Hughes Hall working on climate change engagement, particularly as we enter a critical decade for climate action, and in the run up to the UK hosted COP 26 in November.”

Rachel Allen – Project Assistant
“I will be working across a broad range of tasks throughout the CCCE, including supporting the World Economic Forum Climate Governance Initiative as well as promoting engagement between the Centre and College. Current commitments include working towards the inaugural Climate Governance Initiative Global Summit, 22- 26 March. This Summit will aid in expanding the reach of the Climate Governance Initiative and that of individual networks. The CCCE hosts the UK chapter of that network, Chapter Zero UK. I am grateful and excited for this opportunity at the Centre to make a real difference in encouraging businesses towards a net-zero transition and more sustainable future.”

How to get involved
The global summit of the Climate Governance Initiative is taking place 22 – 26 March and is free to attend. If you would like to join a session, register here.

For more information about the Hughes Hall Centre for Climate Change Engagement please visit: climatehughes.org

or get in touch at climate@hughes.cam.ac.uk

The new additions to the CCCE<br>From left to right Emily Webster Nick Scott Harriet Harthan and Rachel Allen<br><br>
The rest of the team From left to right Julie Baddeley Emily Farnworth Sylvie Baird Becky Lawrence and Ron Zimmern<br><br>

March 2021