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Hughes PhD Candidate Helps Launch COVID-19 Initiative

Sheen Gurrib, a Hughes Hall student and PhD candidate in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, is one of five founding members of ReShape Co., a pro-bono consulting initiative that aims to help small businesses, startups, SMEs and charities who can’t afford professional consulting services.

ReShape Co.’s objective is to help organisations respond to business downfalls caused by COVID-19. Sheen and her colleagues are also engaging with students/recent graduates and businesses – offering students a chance to dive deep into industries and help problem solve, whilst offering business friendly advice to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The enterprise has so far been a real success, more than 200 students and over 25 businesses signed up in the first 3 days it after launch. 

Sheen said of her and the ReShape teams endeavours: “We were very troubled by the effect of the pandemic on SMEs and charities, so we are very happy with the response we got within a couple of days of launching!”

“We received an overwhelming response from students volunteering their time and help! We are ready to give it our best, for each company signing up to ReShape Co., and we are hopeful that this will be impactful! We welcome any kind of advice at this early stage of our path!”

Read more: www.reshapeco.com

Sheen Gurrib founding member of Reshape Co