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Hughes Hall West Cambridge Lunch Series – 28th April

Hughes Hall West Cambridge Lunch Series, Friday 28th April 2017, 1pm – 2pm, Sem Room 20-22, Centre of Applied Photonics and Electronics (CAPE), 9 JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge CB3 0FA

Students, postdocs and seniors who work around the city are often too busy to make it to the College for lunches, so we have brought a college networking opportunity to West Cambridge instead!

This is an occasional get-together to help Hughesians in the West Cambridge area meet and get to know each other at West Cambridge. The next lunch catch up will be held on Friday 28th April and during lunch Amalya Kostanyan (Division B, Dept of Engineering) will give a brief talk about ‘Graphene – liquid crystal mediated interaction’.

A free packed lunch is provided.

If you wish to attend, please sign up via the West Cambridge Lunch Series 28th April Eventbrite by noon on Wednesday 26th April.