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Hughes Hall welcomes Gates Cambridge Scholar

Hughes Hall is delighted to welcome one of the outstanding recipients of the 2021 class of Gates Cambridge Scholars, in the initiative’s 20th anniversary year.

Phillip Kieval will be working towards a PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science, based at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, the Executive Director of which is Dr Stephen Cave, By-Fellow of Hughes Hall.

Phillip’s work focuses on the structure and content of representations in deep neural networks, investigating critical questions concerning the widespread implementation of AI systems. How can deep neural networks teach us about the brain? How do these models generate explanations in science? To what extent does science demand transparency in AI? How should rapid technological advancements in AI inform public policy? How can we promote more humane and egalitarian implementations of AI in public life? Understanding how AI exploits abstract representations can shed light on these important questions.

We look forward to welcoming Phillip in person and will follow his doctoral research with great interest.

For more information on the scholarships awarded by Hughes Hall itself, visit here.