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Hat Club in the Pavilion Room – 13th May

Wednesday 13th May at 8pm in the Pavilion Room

Free of charge, no tickets required, wine provided.


As this is the final Hat Club of the year, we have two interesting talks for attendees;

Aditi Ratho – ‘Risky Business: The Influence of Time, Space, and Safety on Female Employability in Urban India’

Aditi is an MPhil Candidate in Modern South Asian Studies focusing on Inclusive Growth and Development

Abstract: The recent and global media attention towards cases of sexual violence in India has led to country-wide social movements, political machinations, and attempts at legal reform. However, does the sudden increase in concerns of “safety” affect the ability of women to work? Have the legal reforms, political debates, and economic “anti-rape” ventures led to the restriction of female labour to certain times of the day and workspaces? This essay will take Mumbai as a case study to explore the relationship between the changing attitudes of what constitutes “risky” work behaviour and female economic citizenship in Urban India.


Julian Philpott – ‘What Can Nanotechnologists Learn from Nature’s Essential Molecules?’

Julian is a final year PhD Student in Chemistry working on Nanoscale Systems & Self-Assembly

Abstract: Haem and chlorophyll are crucially important molecules for all lifeforms, these little molecules are responsible for many natural processes including photosynthesis and oxygen transport. In my PhD I have been exploring the behaviours of synthetic analogues of Haem and developing ideas for the possible roles of these molecules in nanotechnology and synthetic biology.

We hope to see you there.


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