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Three Hughes Hall students will take their seats in the 169th Men’s Boat Race this Saturday.

Thomas Lynch, Noam Mouelle and Kenny Coplan have recently had their selection for the first boat confirmed.

Their selection represents many years of enormous dedication and sheer hard work…as well as early mornings and juggling competing demands. Representing College, Club and University at this level of competition – especially given the fierce rivalry, and long and revered history of the clash – is no small achievement.

From left: Kenny Coplan; Thomas Lynch; Noam Mouelle.

This is Thomas’s second year in the top boat (third at the Boat Race), the second year on The Tideway for Noam, and a first for Kenny who only joined the College last Autumn for a one-year MPhil.

Thomas, 26, is in his 3rd year of a PhD in engineering and hails from Dublin although has lived in Canada for most of his life:

“Training can be pretty intense. With 12 training sessions a week, 4 on the river at Ely and the rest at the Goldie Boathouse, plus I’m in the final year of my PhD, so there’s not a lot of time out and lots of compromises. An added challenge is fitting in enough food!”

But, for Thomas the experience of being in the Blue Boat makes the sacrifices worthwhile:

“It is like rowing with a load of legends with so many world and national records in one boat. And there is a huge social aspect to the sport – any sport – and hanging out with rowing friends is brilliant.”

The 2024 crew for the Men’s Blue Boat outside Goldie Boathouse.

Frenchman Noam, 22, is in his 2nd year of a PhD in particle physics. As well as the benefits to his physical and mental health, he enjoys being part of an exceptional team of supportive, encouraging and inspiring people at CUBC.

Noam says rowing has had a positive impact on his work and wellbeing, helping him cope with the pressures of academia and helping to bring structure to his days as well:

“The pressure I have when I race is so much more intense than an exam, so it makes them feel relatively easy. It’s also great to have balance and something other than your studies. When you study a PhD you can have a week where you make zero progress, so it’s nice to have something else that goes well!”

Kenny, 24, is American and here working for an MPhil in the History of Art and Architecture. He has relished the opportunities at Cambridge:

“Studying and rowing at Cambridge has been a dream come true. The training has been quite intense, but I’ve been savouring every moment of it. I’m very excited for Saturday and incredibly grateful for all the support from the Hughes and Cambridge community!”

Three Hughesians in the first boat is a fantastic achievement!

Whether they and their crewmates – and their fellow women’s and reserve crews – can pull off another fantastic clean sweep this year remains to be seen but with a Hughes Hall ‘powerhouse’ in the first boat there will be plenty of support from the MCR Clubroom, student bars across Cambridge, and lining the banks of the Thames in London.

Good luck Thomas, Noam, Kenny, and crew! As Thomas says: “The job on March 30th is simple – pull hard!”. We’ll be cheering you on.

Find out how to watch the Boat Race here by broadcast or in person.

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