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Collective intelligence

Hughes Hall Visiting Researcher invites you to find out more

DEFI is pleased to welcome Dr Michael Hogan, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the National University of Ireland, Galway, as the first-ever DEFI StriX Researcher. Dr Hogan is visiting Hughes Hall from 13th to 17th February 2023 in order to further his research on collective intelligence.

The StriX programme is part of a new initiative designed to facilitate access to Hughes Hall for visiting researchers who wish to attend on a short-term (1-4 week) basis. DEFI is piloting this initiative in the Hughes Hall Bridge with StriX. Conceived by Jude Hannam, communities and networks manager at DEFI, StriX has been designed and named specifically for Hughes Hall.

“We came up with the name because strix is the latin for Owl, our emblem here at Hughes Hall,” said Jude, continuing, “and Supporting Translational Research and Innovation was the perfect acronym for the main goal of this programme. The x also fits as an indication of the open ended benefits we hope this programme will deliver both for Hughes and our visiting researchers.”

DEFI draws from the expertise of leading academics around the world through its DEFI STRIx researcher programme. STRIx researchers are invited to work and study in Cambridge for one to four weeks, during which time they are embedded alongside DEFI staff at Hughes Hall.

While in Cambridge, Dr Hogan will be holding in-depth meetings with fellow academics who have an active interest in collective intelligence. At the end of the week, Friday, 17th February, at 4pm, he will give an open talk where he will present an overview of his work. The talk will be held in Seminar Room A in the Margaret Wileman Building, and registration is available at: https://bit.ly/DEFI_Hogan

DEFI centre manager Kevin Martin is excited to see the StriX programme launched, saying:

“The short-term visiting researcher programme gives DEFI and Hughes Hall increased access to top academics and thinkers from around the globe. We’re delighted to have designed this framework in partnership with the Bridge centres and thrilled to welcome Dr Hogan as our first DEFI StriX Researcher.”

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