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Celebrating Hughes Hall, past, present and future

We were delighted to invite friends and benefactors of Hughes to join us in College last week.

One of the more formal events in our calendar, Commemoration Dinner pays tribute to many of those who have helped to shape our College, from former Presidents and benefactors, to long-serving Fellows, student Officers and others in the wider worlds of business, policymaking and practice, helping to further our reach and our impact.

Put simply, we celebrate all the great things our people are doing, here in college and out in the world; it is our people who make our college the unique and special place that it is.

President, Sir Laurie Bristow, welcomed nearly 100 guests, thanking them for their many kinds of service to the college: “It was a privilege to sit alongside so many people who help make our college what it is today, from Lords and Ladies, former Senior Tutors and Presidents, and University leaders, to current students, academics, and former colleagues.”

Clockwise from top left: Dame Janet Smith, Honorary Fellow, and Sir Laurie Bristow, President; Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Professor Kamal Munir and Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith.

“It was particularly special to welcome former President Sarah Squire and Margaret Herbertson whose late husband, Basil Herbertson, was our College President in the 1980s, alongside many others whose contributions make a difference to our students, our College, our future, and our collective impact, every day.”

Fellows, guests and friends of the College including, left, Margaret Herbertson whose late husband, Basil, was President 1984-89, and Sarah Squire, President 2006-2014.

“At times like these we remember all who came before us, and particular our founders’ determination to transform Cambridge for the benefit of women teachers – and through them, for the benefit of the wider world. Although we now educate and inspire women and men in all subjects, our mission is at heart unchanged and all of us play our part in addressing today’s most pressing problems.”

We were delighted to welcome two further Honorary Fellows back to Hughes Hall, including Professor Sir Peter Mathieson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh (with Laurie Bristow, top left) and Professor Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching (right of picture, bottom left) as well as others from across our Senior Membership.

“We also think about the sort of College we want to pass on – to future Hughes Hall students, colleagues, academics, and presidents – our legacy.”

“Finally, I would like to look ahead as we approach our 140th anniversary next year. It will provide us with new and exciting opportunities for our members – past, present and future – to help us tell the story of what Hughes Hall is for.”