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Share your work at LGBT+ History Month Research Showcase

This LGBT+ History Month, we want to showcase the multi-disciplinary learning and research, outreach, academic networks, and professional endeavours related to queer, trans and sexuality studies at Hughes Hall. We also want to highlight the range of contributions to academia and wider society being made by the LGBT+ Hughes Hall community, including students, alumni, senior members and staff.

We are looking for submissions of A3-size conference-style posters or short summaries that can be turned into posters from Hughes Hall’s:

  • LGBT+ students/researchers, in any field, whose identities inform their work, and/or;
  • Students/researchers whose work explores and relates to LGBT+ topics.

These posters will be displayed in the College Library for the duration of LGBT+ History Month. We would love to be able to display research from a range of subjects across the arts, sciences and humanities, or that explore inter-disciplinary topics and issues of intersectionality. If you are happy to do so, we’d love you to include a short bio or photo of yourself, although this is completely optional!

Posters or summaries and accompanying pictures should be provided in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or PDF format to library@hughes.cam.ac.uk (for current staff and students) or development@hughes.cam.ac.uk (for alumni) by 31 January 24. Posters may be shared on Library or College social media – if you would prefer not to be mentioned, or to be credited under a pseudonym, please let us know when you submit your work. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

For more information on inclusion and support at Hughes Hall including LGBT+ networks and support see our Inclusion and Support page.

About UK LGBT+ History Month

In the UK, LGBT+ History Month is celebrated every February, coinciding with the abolition of Section 28 in 2003. Section 28, introduced in 1988, made it illegal for local authorities to “promote” homosexuality. Amongst many negative effects on the LGBT+ community, the climate of fear led to the suppression of LGBT+ teaching in schools and a suppression of LGBT+ history in the UK. During LGBT+ History Month, we celebrate the contributions of LGBT+ people throughout history, and uncover the often-ignored history all around us. This year’s theme from Schools OUT is Medicine – #UnderTheScope.

Flying the Progress Pride Flag at Hughes Hall during LGBT+ History Month 2023