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BUMP UP THE VOLUME! Boat Club rows to triumph in Lent Bumps

The final days of this year’s Lent Bumps brought great success for the Hughes Hall Boat Club with all boats either bumping or rowing over.

W2 bumped Queens W2 on Saturday which meant they got Blades (4 bumps in 4 days) – a great achievement for the crew. W1 also had a lot to celebrate when they bumped Trinity Hall W1 to confirm their position within the 1st division, making them the first Hughes Hall or Lucy Cavendish boat to get into the first division in either Lent or May Bumps. W1 also got blades (5 bumps in 4 days) which is an outstanding achievement.

To top it all off the Hughes Hall Boat Club won the Marconi Cup, awarded to the most successful boat club during the Lent Bumps, which also acknowledged our combined movement of 14 up the bumps chart.

The boat club celebrated at the annual Boat Club Dinner at Hughes on Saturday, and as you can imagine, the atmosphere was electric after our great success at the Lent Bumps this year.

Congratulations to all the Hughes Hall and Lucy Cavendish crews.

Please visit our Lent Bumps 2016 Album and Boat Club Dinner Album on our Facebook page for photos.