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5 Top Tips for Hughes Hall Freshers

MCR president, Alexandra, shared her top tips for Freshers starting at Hughes Hall this semester…

1. Get out of your room – there are loads of things happening and even more exploring to be done. Sure, getting settled takes time but it’s the best time to meet people and discover!

2. Find good balance regarding your priorities, studies and an efficient work rhythm is important. Finding (hopefully other) things you love doing on the side of that as in sports, societies, friends is essential for survival.

3. Don’t be afraid of asking for help, first year is tough for everyone and it’s easy to be overwhelmed if you try to solve all issues by yourself. Talk to your family, friends back home, welfare officers, and Maria.

4. Join a sensible number of clubs and societies, don’t sign up to everything as you may not have time but also ensure that you explore and find what you love!

5. Fresher’s can be quite an overwhelming time, make sure you make time for yourself and also to explore your surroundings, Cambridge is a beautiful place!