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The ‘Digital Divide’ – what is being done to overcome it and where do we go from here?

At our launch event in January, the theme of the digital divide came up frequently. To examine this issue in more detail, find out what is currently being done to address it, as well as explore ideas for the future, we have invited 4 experts to share their knowledge and answer your questions in this webinar.

  • Would you like to know more about how and where the Digital Divide occurs?
  • What is currently being done to address it at Raspberry Pi, the Welsh Government and the EdTech Hub?
  • How or what could be done in the future?

To explore these issues and answer your questions, join Dr Sara Hennessy and Dr Björn Haßler Directors of the EdTechHub, Dr Sue Sentence Chief Learning Officer at Raspberry Pi and Welsh Government advisor on Digital Education and Infrastructure, Prof Tom Crick, for brief presentations and a live Q&A session.

Non college members welcome.

To book a ticket and submit your questions go to: http://bit.ly/DEFIDigitalDivide

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