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Why do we need Art?

Join us for the first event in a new, dynamic and exciting Hughes Hall series which aims to uncover what our senior members feel passionate about – intellectually, professionally or philanthropically.

Our ‘Seniors’ Spotlight Series’ provides accessible, short, conversational insights, in an informal ‘podcast’ type format, that has broad intellectual appeal across the College community.

Senior member Annemarie Young kicks off this series with the question ‘Why do we need Art’?

Join Annemarie, in conversation with her publisher, Paul Rockett as they discuss the particularly timely relevance of Annemarie’s new book with Michael Rosen, Why do we need Art? What do we gain by being creative? And other Big Questions, during these challenging times.

The informal conversation will include:

  • How the book came about, and the driver behind the series.
  • Some of the sections, including ‘What use is the imagination?’,  ‘ Can art speak truth to power?’ and ‘Can art change anything?’
  • How the authors and some of the contributors, including Preti Taneja, Lemn Sissay, and thirteen-year-old artist Mathilda Crompton, answer the question ‘Why do we need art?’

A recording of this event is available. Click here

About Annemarie Young

Annemarie Young has been a Senior Member/Associate of Hughes Hall since 1999. She was Head of Development in 2007 and 2008, and Editor of News from Hughes from 2006 to 2013. She is currently an Associate Tutor at Hughes. She started her working life in secondary teaching and English Language Teaching, working for the Australian government in Australia and then for the British Council in Egypt, Indonesia and China, before coming to Cambridge University Press in 1985, where she was responsible for primary publishing.

She now writes fiction and non-fiction for children and is also a consultant in children’s books and primary education. Her books for Oxford University Press include the handbook for parents, Helping Your Child to Read. Young Palestinians Speak: Living Under Occupation, co-authored with Anthony Robinson, received an honourable mention in the Middle East Book Awards 2018. Who are Refugees and Migrants? What makes people leave their homes? And other big questions (Wayland/Hachette), co-authored with Michael Rosen, was shortlisted for the 2017 School Librarians Association information book award. She has published three other titles with Michael Rosen in the Big Questions series: What is Humanism? How do you live without a god?; What is Right and Wrong? Where do Values come from?; What is Politics? Why should we Care?. Why do we need Art? What do we gain by being creative? is their fifth title in the series.