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ADTIS Revision & Exam Skills Workshop

The last in our series of ADTIS workshops supporting students’ academic development will focus on revision and exam skills.

This workshop, led by Dr James Womack (ADTIS) will look at ways to prepare efficiently and effectively in the run-up to exams, working on various aspects of the revision process all the way through to the exams themselves.

Topics to be looked at will include:
* Ways to organise your revision
* Welfare in the pre-exam period
* Immediate preparation for the exams
* Strategies for sitting the exams

The session is being offered to Hughes Hall students, free of charge.

Participants should learn a variety of techniques and approaches that should help them organise the information they need to access in an exam situation, and minimise the possibility of their being overwhelmed by the exam format itself.

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This meeting will be recorded, and made available via the college’s Moodle site, but if you are able to, do please try to take part in the live session.

More information about Academic Development and Training for International Students (ADTIS) can be found here.