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OFSTED: Understanding school inspections

  • What is it like when OFSTED come into school?
  • How do OFSTED carry out their inspections?
  • What sort of practice does OFSTED value?

OFSTED is the organisation for school inspections in the UK, and all teachers will have experience of an inspection visit during their careers. This talk provides an overview of OFSTED inspections from different perspectives, giving those within the field of education key insights into school inspections.

Speakers include:

  • Michael Brockett, a former Schools Inspector and HH alumnus
  • Luke Rolls, Assistant Head at the University of Cambridge Primary School
  • Laura Kerslake (HH PhD student and researcher).

Short presentations will be heard before the audience hasĀ an opportunity to take part in the discussion and put questions to the panel.
All those in education or with an interest in education are welcome to attend this event. It is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow students, as well as senior members of college.
Soft drinks and a buffet provided.
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