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Matriculation Dinners (by invitation)

Friday 23 September to Wednesday 18 October, drinks at 7.00 pm, dinner at 7.30 pm, Peter Richards Room and Dining Hall

Matriculation Dinners
At Hughes, we celebrate this milestone at subject–specific Matriculation Dinners throughout Michaelmas Term. These dinners are a great way to start meeting other new students in your subject and year group.

We look forward to welcoming new students at the following Matriculation Dinners:

  • 23rd September: MBA/MFins
  • 27th September: MSt AI
  • 7th October: BA, CGCM/MASts
  • 11th October: NOTAFs, CPGS, MRes
  • 13th October: MPhil
  • 14th October: MPhil + LLM + MCL + MEd
  • 18th October: MPhil

Look out for your individual email invitation. Queries? contact tutorial@hughes.cam.ac.uk