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How can we support LGBTQ+ minds, bodies and spirits?

Join this MCR led event and celebrate LGTBQ+ History Month by attending a panel event on this year’s theme, ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’.

Hughes Hall’s MCR Equality and LGBTQ+ Officer, Jodie Rawles, and three panellists passionate about various aspects of LGBT rights, will be discussing how we can all support LGBTQ+ minds, bodies and spirits.

We will be exploring questions such as:

  • how being LGBTQ+ interacts with a person’s mind, body, and spirit;
  • how members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies can support the wellbeing of queer individuals.

All are welcome to join us in a respectful and insightful discussion that aims to give visibility to the experience of LGBTQ+ people and stimulate reflection on how we can be supportive friends and allies.

Panellist biographies
Hidayah is a charitable organisation whose mission is to provide support and welfare for LGBTQI+ Muslims. They promote social justice and education around the queer Muslim community to counter discrimination, prejudice and injustice (https://www.hidayahlgbt.com/)

Stephen Thomas Smith
Stephen Thomas Smith is a disability and LGBTQ+ rights campaigner. Stephen has a large following on TikTok (@alifeofapalsy) where he posts videos challenging commonly held assumptions about people with disabilities. Stephen is also a photographer and his practice focuses around the disabled body and queer ideologies within photography (https://www.stephenthomassmith.com/).

Dr. Jake Camp
Jake Camp is a Clinical Psychologist and early career Clinical Researcher within South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Dr. Camp has a passion for working with individuals identifying with an LGBTQ+ identity who have experienced traumatic or difficult life events, including discrimination and prejudices related to their minority intersectional identities. In addition to his doctoral thesis, Dr. Camp has published articles on the relationships between LGBTQ+ self-acceptance, minority stressors, and mental health, and has a specialist research interest in LGBTQ+ mental health and wellbeing.

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Accessibility statement
This event will take place on Zoom.
Zoom’s live transcription service will be used throughout the event to generate captions.
For any other accessibility info, please contact mcr.equality.lgbt@hughes.cam.ac.uk.