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Birth, death and migration: from research to public policy

  • In what ways can studying the past help us understand current social and political dilemmas?
  • How can social scientists have impact on government policy?
  • How can we promote effective interdisciplinary research?

Research in the social sciences can be highly relevant to a wide range of public policy areas. History is not just about the past, but is crucial for understanding the present and making effective plans for the future. Our starting point for this event is an example of recently published research on the population history of Scotland (see link) by Professor Michael Anderson (University of Edinburgh) in collaboration with Hughes Hall Fellow Dr Corinne Roughley.

This research informs our understanding of major political issues including migration (as discussed recently in The Times see link), future economic development, education and public health.

Contributors with experience at senior levels of government will also join us:
* Stephen Axford who is the new Hughes Hall Director of Research Translation
* Emma Gordon who heads the UK Government’s Economic & Social Research team at the Treasury.

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from both academics and those with direct experience of forming government policy.

This event has wide appeal to all disciplines. Come and contribute to the discussion.

Free wine/soft drinks and nibbles will be provided.


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