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Family Formal

Hughes families are invited to a special formal hall at Churchill College on 17th June at 5pm.

Families can bring their children to experience a formal dinner. The dinner will be a combination of served and self-service (children will get the opportunity to pick their own food from a buffet).

Pricing is as follows:
Adult: £16.00
Child: £7.00

For those interested, please email Bang Ming Yong on bmy22@cam.ac.uk as soon as possible (places are limited) with the details listed below:

  • Name,
  • CRS Id,
  • Name of guests,
  • Name of child,
  • Age of child,
  • Dietary requirements

Bang will provide account details for payment. Please make payment and email a copy of the payment to Bang.

For those with kids too young to appreciate the self-serving buffet (i.e. babies), they are free to bring their child without charges.