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Education & Technology – Meeting the Challenge?

Discover more about exciting current developments in education technology

  • What are the big challenges being faced in education?
  • How are these challenges being addressed?
  • How can technology help?

We all use modern technology in our everyday lives. Increasingly, there is a recognition that it has the potential to revolutionise the ways we teach, learn, advertise, develop our own business platforms and whom we can reach via its networks. Whether you are a student, academic, business entrepreneur or a designer of novel tools, this is the event for you.

Join Hughes Hall senior member Mark Anderson for a thought-provoking evening including lively discussions followed by food and drinks. This will be an interactive session with contributions from current practitioners and Hughes Hall colleagues, divided between a core presentation and team working. The emphasis will be on linking current commercial developments with experience located in Hughes Hall.

This event is part of a series supported by The Bridge, the Hughes Hall initiative for linking our academic strengths with wider challenges and opportunities.

All welcome, sign up via the Eventbrite link below or click here