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Crossing the Bridge: Linking Knowledge with Application

Hughes Hall postdoctoral researchers are warmly invited to attend an event hosted by Stephen Axford, Hughes Hall Director of Research Translation. Stephen joined Hughes Hall in March 2018 with the remit to set up ‘The Bridge’ and support the College’s researchers in exploiting their work more effectively in a range of external environments.

This event will focus on exploring the possibilities for increasing the impact of postdoctoral students research, and provide an opportunity to answer a range of questions, including:

•What is research translation and why does it matter to me?
•Is this only for certain research areas, or can anyone be involved?
•How do I know if my research is of wider interest beyond my academic community?
•What is ‘The Bridge’ at Hughes, and how can it help me?
•Will this support my career ambitions, whether academic, commercial, or other?
The event will provide a new perspective on what impact postdoctorol research might achieve over time …

The evening will include an introduction from Stephen Axford, and a couple of case studies from postdocs talking about their particular experiences of knowledge transfer. There will also be an opportunity for those present to explain their own research and what they would like or expect from ‘The Bridge’. Discussion and networking will continue over a buffet dinner.

This is a excellent opportunity to learn more about a major new college initiative, and meet fellow postdoctoral researchers.

Please book your place via the Eventbrite link below.