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Black History Month Academic Seminar

The final Black History Month event is an academic seminar on Friday 28 October at 6pm in the Pavilion Room

Featuring four amazing black speakers from our student community:

  • “Monitoring the human brain” by Chisomo Zimphango (PhD in Clinical Neuroscience)
  • “Exodus and Erasure: Black women’s flight to Jonestown” by Amber Stanford (MPhil in Religion and Conflict)
  • “Founding Ndinewe foundation for child and youth mental health awareness” by Tanatswa Chikaura (MPhil in Basic and translational Neuroscience)
  • “Doing More with Way less: A global Neurosurgery elective in Sub-Saharan Africa” by Emmanuel Mensah (Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine)

Free dinner buffet and drinks afterwards.

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