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Subject Welcome Receptions

Monday 4th – Monday 20th October 2021

Our subject welcome receptions provide an informal opportunity for new PG students to meet each other, continuing students and Seniors.

At 6 pm for 1 hour in the Pavilion Rm
Monday 4th October: Law (including an introduction from the Law Society)
Tuesday 5th October: Economics and Land Economy 
Wednesday 6th October: Biomedical Sciences
Thursday 7th October: Engineering, Maths, Computer Science and Physical Sciences
Monday 11th October: HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences)
Wednesday 20th October: Education

At 7 pm until 8.15 pm (online)
Wednesday 13th October: Education Welcome Reception.
This reception will be held online. We hope this later start time will accommodate not only those out in schools but also anyone wishing to participate in an additional networking opportunity.

Those in Business related subjects will be welcomed at an event to be held on Wednesday 3rd November at 8.00 pm. More details here

A link will be sent out to your @cam email inviting you to a specific subject reception. In order to offer a COVID safe environment, room capacities have been reduced.  For the larger subject area groups we are therefore prioritising new students and those who missed out on last year’s ‘in person’ welcome events.