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3MT taster session

Wednesday 6 December, 5-7 pm, Pavilion Room

On February 29th, Hughes will be holding a three-minute thesis event where students can present their research, receive constructive feedback on their public speaking, and win prizes!

3MT can help you:

  • Improve your presentation and communication skills, as well as your confidence as a speaker
  • Gain experience explaining your academic work to a wide audience
  • Practice expressing your ideas in a compelling way
  • Showcase your work amongst peers, the Hughes Hall community, friends, and family

Interested, or even just curious? Join us for an informal taster session where you can learn more about the competition and start building your own speaking skills through informal games. Attending this event does not mean you agree to participate in the 3MT competition, although we hope you will!

Please sign up here so we can provide enough snacks: https://forms.office.com/e/bYmbbF8g7E