Why Choose Hughes

Cambridge has 31 Colleges, all of them excellent. Why choose Hughes? Because you will be joining a dynamic, friendly community of over-21s; multi-national, multi-ethnic and multi-talented. We are committed to bridging the academic and external worlds to achieve dynamic, global impact.

We are the oldest of the six Graduate Colleges but we wear our history lightly because our emphasis is on looking forward. As a smaller College, there are many opportunities for the creation of engagement in our community – a community that reflects our ethos of ensuring that together we make a difference. Our 100-strong group of mature undergraduates gain from the opportunities to share in the lively intellectual culture of our 600 full- and part-time postgraduates and senior members. We all benefit from the focus on areas of research and study that have substantive practical impact. As an incoming member, you will be able to dine and debate with leaders in their academic fields as well as senior lawyers, doctors and civil servants, because intellectual pragmatism defines us. And, as a graduate student, you will be eligible to apply for travel grants to attend conferences or for other activities related to your research and study. We have a long tradition of supporting graduate students, and have developed a highly effective system of tutorial support specially focussed on the needs of graduates.

Centrally located, our buildings include some of the largest and most modern ensuite accommodation in the University. They surround the University’s cricket ground, which provides a welcome haven of calm, and yet we are also around the corner from the vibrant and cosmopolitan buzz of Mill Road – an area with multi-national food shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. As a Hughes Hall student you can choose when to devote yourself to studying and when to engage in city life.

Hughesians may be found all around the globe. When you graduate, you will join our rapidly growing family of alumni confident in the knowledge that wherever you choose to work in the world, there will be Hughesians nearby to offer you continued support and mentoring.