Interviews and Assessments


Interviews contribute to our assessment of your academic potential and suitability. You will have two interviews, lasting approximately thirty minutes each. Both interviews will focus primarily on academic matters relating to your chosen course, but some questions may be more general.

In a few subjects, you will also be interviewed by another College or in the Faculty. You will be notified of this in your interview letter.

The University’s website has further information on interviews and how to prepare for them.

If you have a disability, Specific Learning Difficult (SpLD), long-term health condition/injury or other particular need, the Colleges will make every effort to meet your requirements, but make sure you tell us well in advance of your interview.

If you are invited to interview, you will need to bring photo ID and your academic transcripts with you.

Admission Assessments

All students invited for interview will have to complete a written assessment.

A. Interviews in Cambridge.

If you are a mature student applying for interview in Cambridge you will be asked to complete an assessment here immediately before or after the interview. The format of the assessment will depend on the course your are applying for.

1. Standard Test: For any of the courses listed blow, you will sit the same test as used in the standard-age colleges. You can find out more about these tests on the University website.

Archaeology, Classics, Computer Science, Education, History & Modern Languages, History of Art, Land Economy, Law, Linguistics, Modern & Medieval Languages, Philosophy

2. Common Format: If you are applying for one of the following courses, you will take a common format written assessment at interview in Cambridge instead of the standard pre-interview test. Further details will be provided to those invited for interview.

Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Economics, Engineering (including Chemical Engineering via Engineering), English, Geography, History, History and Modern Languages, History and Politics, Human, Social, and Political Sciences, Natural Sciences (including Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences), Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion.

B. Interviews Overseas.

If you are a mature student applying for interview overseas, you must take any required pre-interview assessment; the information about arrangements and dates are available on the overseas interviews page. (Please note that applicants must be registered in advance for pre-interview assessments.)


The dates for interview periods are listed on the first page of the Undergraduate admission section.

You are expected to travel to Cambridge for the interview date you are offered, and will only be offered an alternative date or a video-conference interview under exceptional circumstances.