How to apply for graduate study

How to apply for graduate study

When you submit your application for graduate study at the University you can also indicate your college preference.

Hughes Hall welcomes Masters and Doctoral students across the academic spectrum and our lively student research community is connected to every field of endeavour. There is information about our areas of focus and academic activity in the Study and Research section of the website.

We accept students on all full-time post-graduate courses as well as most part-time courses:

  • Full-time: ALL, including PhD, MRes, MPhil, PGCE, MBA, MFin, LLM, MCL, MASt, MMus, Diploma
  • Part-time: Most, including PhD, EdD, EMBA, MEd

For most graduate courses applications are made via the Graduate Admissions Office. Exceptions to this are:

There are strict deadlines for applications for several courses, and for all Scholarships and Bursaries, so prospective candidates should make inquiries with their departments and the awarding bodies early in the previous academic year to ensure they meet the deadlines for application.

A diagram outlining the university and college process and how they interlink can be found here: Admissions process overview

The step-by-step guide below is generally accurate, but there are variations in different faculties or for specific courses:

How to apply for post graduate study

The Process