College Offer

College Offer

Every student of the University must also be a member of one of the colleges. Degrees and other qualifications are administered and awarded by the University, but admission to a college is a requirement of enrolment in any course. So, admission to Cambridge is a two-pronged process consisting of admission to the University and admission to a College. The two are interlinked and confirmation of your college membership depends on you having met the conditions set by the University (either Graduate Admissions, the Faculty of Education or Judge Business School, depending on your course) as well as satisfactorily completing the college admissions process.

We advise that you begin the college admissions process as soon as you can for a quicker result, even if you are not in a position to return all the documents at once.

New applicants

I’ve received a college offer – what do I do now?

To accept your place:

  • Download and complete the two forms in the What forms do I need to Complete? section below
  • Check College fees and charges
  • Prepare your supporting financial evidence, as part of the Finance Form (see below)
  • Email the forms and supporting evidence to in pdf format
  • Upload a recent digital photograph to your Self-Service account in order for us to prepare your University card – see the How do I get a University card? section below
  • Meet any conditions set by the Faculty of Education (PGCE and MEd), Judge Business School (MBA, MFin and EMBA), Graduate Admissions (for all other courses)

What forms do I need to complete?

The Admissions Office aims to process returned forms within eight working days generally; however, at peak periods (June onwards) it can take longer given the volume of paperwork we are dealing with. Regular updates will be posted on the New Students’ Signpost.

(1) Acceptance Reply Form
Indicate on the Acceptance Reply Form whether you wish to accept your conditional offer. You will also be directed to the College’s Disability Information Request Form, to indicate whether you require any adjustments or additonal support. The form also includes a declaration under The Data Protection Act (1998), which identifies the need to obtain your consent to hold and process information for administrative, academic, funding, and Health and Safety reasons. Once you have accepted your conditional offer, you will be contacted by the Accommodation team.

(2) Finance Form
The Finance Form must be completed in detail showing precisely where the funds for the first year’s cost of your course and your living expenses (accommodation and travel) will come from. You must attach supporting evidence of all your sources of funding.

What is appropriate as evidence can vary depending on individual financial circumstances. If you are fully funded by public, departmental or scholarship funding we will require written confirmation of the award. If the award is a part award (e.g. covers University fees only), and you have more than one source of funding (e.g college fees and maintenance will come from personal savings), you must need to provide evidence of both (or all) sources.

If someone else, such as a family member, will be providing any or all of the funding they will need to complete Section D) Declaration of Private Funding and provide evidence that they are in a financial position to do so.

All students, other than those who will be in receipt of either public, departmental, or scholarship funding (written confirmation is required), must pay their University and College fees and charges in advance.

What forms do I need to complete

How do I secure a college room?

How do I secure a college room
You can see information about the bands, current prices, and the various types of college rooms in the accommodation section of the website.

Student rooms in the College are priced by bands based on the size of the room, the room’s location, and whether or not it has en-suite bath or shower facilities. You can see information about the bands, current prices, and the various types of college rooms in the accommodation section of the website. At the end of March, the College will set the band prices for the 2017-18 academic year, and at that point the room allocation process for new students will be opened.

Graduate applicants who are offered a place are asked to return an Acceptance Reply Form, for undergraduates this happens through UCAS. Shortly after your acceptance has been received by the College you will be contacted by the accommodation team and asked to complete an Accommodation Preference Form where you indicate which price bands you prefer for your College accommodation. (Those who accept before the room allocation process for new students is opened will be emailed when it is opened.)

During the Summer your application to study will be processed by the University and Hughes Hall, and you will have been asked to complete documentation related to your application as outlined in your offer letters. That process is separate from the College accommodation allocation process. However, when you have been fully confirmed as a student by the University and the College, submitted your Accommodation Preference Form, and if there are rooms available, we will send you an email notifying you of the process to secure a room in the allocation.

All those who have completed the process of securing a room in the allocation before the end of August will be included in the first round allocation of rooms, which takes place in early September. If you are included, you will be notified of the band you have been allocated to during that week. Applicants confirmed after 31st August will be offered remaining accommodation on a first-come-first-served basis.

It is impossible to accurately predict the rate of demand. However, under normal conditions we would expect all those confirmed before the 1st September to be offered a college room, and most of those confirmed after the 31st August to be offered a room for single accommodation. Allocations for those seeking couples’ accommodation only is likely to close earlier in the Summer. When all rooms have been allocated we will notify anyone still awaiting confirmation as soon as possible and provide guidance on finding accommodation from other sources.

If you have queries about the process you can contact the accommodation team at

If you have disability requirements related to accommodation you should contact the College’s Disability Equality Officer who will help you provide the necessary information to enable the college to provide suitable accommodation. Sometimes this requires specific medical information which can take time to secure. The earlier you contact the Disability Equality Officer, the easier it will be to complete the process and to secure suitable accommodation.

When will my college membership be confirmed?

Once you have submitted all the required forms and supplementary information your file will be reviewed. Depending on your individual financial circumstances you may be asked to make advance payment before we will confirm your membership. This mainly affects self-funded students. Other students may be asked to pay in full before arrival. You will be notified by email by our Bursary Office if any prepayment is required.

Otherwise, provided you have met the conditions set by the university, (this may be Graduate Admissions, Judge Business School or Faculty of Education depending on your course), you will receive an emailed letter of confirmation of college membership from our Admissions Office. This letter will inform you of the date you are required to arrive in college for your College Registration Day

How do I get a University card?

You will receive your university card at your College Registration Day.

All new students are supplied with a university card which provides access to the University departments, libraries and college buildings. The card is also a form of ID for local student discount offers. All cards are owned by the University and must be returned at the end of your studies.

In order to receive your card please upload a passport style photograph in JPEG format to your Self-Service account which meets the following guidelines:
Shows your face with no obstructions i.e. no glasses, unless normally worn), hat or scarf (unless worn for religious reasons).
Is in colour and in focus with a plain light-coloured background.
Look directly at the camera and position your face in the centre of the shot.
Is 280 pixels wide x 336 pixels high (no larger please).
Is scanned at a high resolution (250 – 300 dpi).Where to send your photo:Please upload your photograph directly into CamSIS via your Self-Service account. If you are unable to do this please email with the photo attached.