Doctoral study

About a third of our student body are Doctoral students. The College can provide ingredients for academic development that the Departments and Faculties, in which they spend much of their time, cannot offer. In particular, we are large enough to be genuinely multidisciplinary, yet small enough to foster both interdisciplinary learning and friendship.

We hold various receptions, seminars, talks, academic evenings, dinners and other occasions, arranged by the College and by students. These allow you to meet other research students or senior academics, in your own or other disciplines, formally and informally. There are opportunities to learn writing and presentational skills, and to present your research to non-experts in various student research events. With a large group of Research Fellows and Research Associates, the College has a diverse community of post-docs able to help doctoral students in their discipline.

We recognize the importance of having predictable and stable accommodation during Doctoral study; it is College policy to give priority for college accommodation to students taking courses of three years duration or longer. And of course, research students will also want to relax with various societies, sports, and music – or simply socialise in the bar and common room.